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Tyans getting married.....???? wow congrats to the family.....but now that eliminates the main reason to talk to you...THE HOOKUP. justkidding.
welcome home.


The cook-out was a blast, wai!

Great food...great people...grand old time!

It was great seeing Sanjay, Big Dave and little kal...(who is just adourable) and Sean...(it was great to put a face to the name-great guy).

Good crowd.



Completely great time...thanks to Wai and moms and pops Soo for letting us vagrants take up space at the Casa De Soo. Good food great conversation and a kooky old man accross the streets either turning tricks or looking for his meds, either way I giggled.

Plus once again Vanessas innate fear of cameras led to another picture worthy of Glamour magazine. It was nice to finally get to meet and greet you though, and your daughter is a doll.

Mid to end of September I am going to have a "Good-bye and Good Riddance to Summer" picnic and everyone within the scope of this web site is invited....more details as I ask permission from the wife.

Thanks again Wai.


Wait a minute...I thought that frickin' pic of me was deleted...Danielleeeeeeee!

And thank YOU Waiken Soo for posting it. You're most kind...*wink*

well, there it is wrinkles at its best...guess, I'll be returning the wrinkle serum from Estee Lauder TODAYYYYY.
48bucks down the drain!...*sigh*

And thanks Sean for the kind commentary...=)
And don't plan on getting a cut of the commision cheque from Glamor magazine by posing as my agent....LOL!!!

The Infamous Vanessa


Sounds like a kick butt party!
I'll have to rest up before the next one.


glad you guys could all show up. we'll have to do it again soon.

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