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You're also not a lazy person. For lazy people, working to make money is easier than making lifestyle changes to have your money working for you. Not many folks have the motivation and courage to choose the life you've chosen, although I bet a lot wish they had. I think I'm too lazy for it.


I'll venture a guess and say you're reading Rich Dad/Poor Dad. I read it recently and it made a LOT of the same points you said... It turns out most of the examples he gives about his rich dad, and about the money he's made and how he's done it is all fake. ( Even with the fallacies I still really like his book for the same exact points that you have made -- trying to set things up so that your money works for you instead of you working for your money. I'm expanding that to trying to get my ideas, experience and skills to work for me as well.

(and i'll be trying to start up the five guys idea soon now that my live has almost settled of the ways I want to start to try to make it happen)


jeremy: strangely enough, i'm thinking about these things and trying to move in that direction because in a sense, i AM lazy, or want to be able to be if i want to, if that makes sense. regarding courage, i don't think there is much to be scared of. worst case scenario, you fail at what you are trying, and you can always go to what you were doing before. as alcoholic anonymous says "if you don't like us, you can easily restore your misery"

tobey: yeah that's one of the books i'm reading. i didn't mention the name because i'm aware that some of the content is ficticious, but a lot of the ideas are a good reinforcement, at least for me of where i should be focusing some of my energy. good luck in your efforts, as well.

director of intelligence @ argentum interantional, right wing of Situationist International


If anyone can make money work for them it is you. I also would like this to happen for me & it seems to be starting. As an anarcho-capitalist I ethically cannot exploit the proletarians, but I can offer them something that they will not find at Nike or IBM. A flexible job they love to come to. The joys of free market capitalism are little for the wage slave, but a person with wit, intelligence, charm & sophistication, a person like you - can and will do it!

Cheers to you my brother!

J. Karen Eliot,
founder of Neoist/Argentum International

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