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looking forward to hanging out with ya in Vegas bro!

James Suh

How was Jackass 1 funnier? Either way, theyre all a bunch of idiots.

You weren't that impressed by Borat? Are you turning into a concerned parent now and that it's gonna ruin the North American youth? That movie was beyond hilarious, one of the funniest movies I've ever seen in my life. He wasn't actually in a Kazakh town, it was in Romania. So fuck the gypsies, I fuckin' hate gypsies.

Anyway things good around here. My buddy Morneau took down AL MVP so we're getting pretty fucked up this weekend. Taker easy.


Glad to see you're back from the Brink. I haven't seen any movies in a long time but I do want to see Borat. I'll catch Jackass 2 on HBO some night when I can't sleep. "At least dirkadirkastan isn't a real country" Nice. Yeah man I think the weather up there has softened you. I felt bad for them. WHY? You know if some MORON came up to you and asked that they film you and this LOSER you'd know immediately that the Joke is on You. Hey not everyone thinks Americans are like Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson, Bush, Pee Wee Herman so what are the kazakhstanis worried about, it's total satire. 9 Months and this guy say's yeah I can't beat you. Did you ask if he has any friends he can beat and their numbers? I would. It's called PROSPECTING.

jim k (not that other jim-poster above)

Good to see you alive and posting again, Canadian Winter depression was starting to worry me a bit, oh well, at least you still have some live fish at work to keep food on the table. hoorah for dem hosers, eh ?


haha i love you guys. you damned degenerates.


Vodka + Roses Lime = Aww Yeah


havanna club, ,limes, coke and lime juice. - so good!

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