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See you thurs night at Dorma bro!


I always thought that experiencing the seasons in all their occasional harshness brought out a certain depth in a society. In places like California everything is so perfect, and I often wonder if that contributes to their seeming shallowness. There's something about trudging through a foot of snow and passing someone else going the other way; there's a nod you give each other that says, "we're in this together" that other places simply can't duplicate. I always felt that, in a way, this was something to be proud of in Wisconsin, and that I wouldn't trade it for anything.

At least I felt that way until I read your post. Now I realize I was rationalizing and it was all bullshit. God, I hate winter.


glad i could convert you to the dark side, yet again!



Johnny Mack

Anyone still posting? Hehe


Anyone still here? Hello???? hello????
Oh there's an echo...neat.

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